Let me introduce myself…

To introduce myself, i’ll be sharing 10 random facts about me.

  1. I come from a very big family. My mother has 20 brothers and sisters that she knows of. She only has 1 sister, and another “sister” that she grew up with. 5 of these brothers and sisters aren’t by blood. She was basically kidnapped after my Grandma died (not what you think) by another family who was friends of hers.
  2. I’ve been artistic all of my life; and i’m majoring in Graphic Design. (This was just a drawing i did over the summer to practice using colored pencil).IMG_20160627_233627
  3. I used to play Bassoon for concert season and Clarinet for marching season in the EHS Ram Band.
  4. I’ve been to Peru 5 times. Out of the five times i’ve gone, four times were just as family visits. One of my visits to Peru was alone for a month. My parents wanted me to practice my Spanish (because i refuse to speak it), but my family ended up speaking in english to me.
  5. Although I may not look it, i’m hispanic. (Puerto Rican and Peruvian). I can understand Spanish perfectly, and speak it semi fluently. (like is said above, I don’t like speaking in Spanish).
  6. I used to have a cat that lived to be around 26 years old.
  7. Whenever i’m not home sitting in bed playing video games and watching Netflix and/or on Skype, i’m usually cooking or baking.
  8. I’m a movie addict. I watch all kinds of movies. I.e: Avengers, X-men, and other things.
  9. I’m obsessed with The Walking Dead and i’m really excited for Season 7.
  10. I’ve won 3rd place in the Trashformations contest that was held at the Florida Museum of Natural History, where artists took garbage and recycled it into art. I used plastic, wood, cardboard, CD pieces, string, and wire to make a tree that was inspired by the Galaxy. It was essentially a different take on the “Tree of Life”.




Word Count: 323


3 thoughts on “Let me introduce myself…

  1. Mom’s story sounds really intriguing. I also am Spanish and people can never tell but only half. I can’t speak spanish though so kudos to you! I love Marvel movies. You sound like a very creative person, a character trait I’ve longed to possess.


  2. Very interesting to learn a bit more about you. I think it is really awesome that you are doing graphic design as I am interested in it too, I draw and do some design myself, I have done many logos before. Also interesting that you may have gone to USF, I used to live some minutes away from their campus.


  3. Danny, your art is so amazing! I am completely jealous! I cannot believe you did that with colored pencils!

    I am also really excited for season 7 of The Walking Dead, but my mom won’t let me watch it without her and I think she’s a season behind D:

    I’m glad we get to spend at least one more semester together and I hope to get to know you better!


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