My Favorite TV shows: The Walking Dead, Parks and Rec.

Although most of what I watch is usually a whole bunch of Food Network, I have to admit my favorite TV shows are AMC’s Walking Dead and Parks and Recreation (I watched Parks and Rec on Netflix). While I might have been late to the bandwagon on both series (Started Watching Walking Dead about 3 years ago and Parks and Rec this summer), i’ve come to love them both.

The overview:

Walking Dead: A zombie apocalypse has taken over and a former police officer and his family want to survive. Along the way he gains and loses people in his group. While everybody’s goal is to survive the zombie apocalypse, they must also survive another threat- people who are alive and want the same thing as they do, food, shelter, weapons, etc. image3

Parks and Rec: A parks department in Pawnee, Indiana wants to better their town. At the head of the department is Ron Swanson, a libertarian who is only in the government to impede it, and Leslie Knope, a waffle loving, Deputy of the Parks department who is extremely patriotic, is a workaholic , and wants to better Pawnee no matter what. The crazy people in Pawnee and the parks departments crazy antics make this the funniest TV sitcom i’ve ever seen.


I’m honestly still trying to recover from the shocking realization that I watched the entire series of Parks and Rec, and that there wouldn’t be any more episodes. I’ve been trying to find other shows to make up for my loss, but I just haven’t found “the one” yet. On the other hand, i’m eagerly awaiting season 7 of The Walking Dead; especially after the cruelest cliff hanger i’ve ever seen in my life. One of the things that I love most about both series is that they each have huge character arcs.

Honestly, some of my favorite characters started out completely different than what i’ve come to love. For example: Carol, a character in the walking dead that started off as a wife in an abusive relationship during the zombie apocalypse, has now become the complete opposite. She’s now this zombie slaying, town and group saving, cookie baking, powerhouse.


Another would be Andy from Parks and Rec, starting off as a lazy annoying boyfriend of Ann Perkins, and then later on marrying April Ludgate and becoming more mature (debatable) while still being able to have fun, and being one of the funniest characters on the show. Or from Donna and Jerry (or Larry,Terry, Gary if you’re familiar with the show) going from being background extras to major characters.


Overall, these shows are drastically different, but they’re both extremely entertaining. One is suspenseful and makes you cringe (in a good way) and leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat, while the other Makes you either laugh uncontrollably, or cry your eyes out.

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2 thoughts on “My Favorite TV shows: The Walking Dead, Parks and Rec.

  1. Danny, you have outstanding taste in televised entertainment. Parks and rec had me hooked, to the point where tears came out of my eyes the day i watched the last episode. Andy becoming more mature though? Extremely debatable. By far one of, if not my favorite character in the series. Although I’m not a big fan of The Walking dead, i recognize is a very well produced show, You should watch House M.D, and Prison Break.


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