My favorite book series

My favorite book series has got to be “The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel” written by Micheal Scott. Honestly, i don’t read that often, but i when i do, its because i can’t put down my book.


When i picked up the first novel, “The Alchemist”, i didn’t expect to like it, but boy…was i pleasantly surprised. Without getting into too much detail, the story is essentially about twins, Josh and Sophie Newman who have never really had a “home.” Their parents are archaeologists and they’ve moved several times, meaning they don’t have many friends. They both manage to land jobs across the street from one another, Sophie at a coffee shop and Josh at a small bookstore owned by Nick Fleming. One day, a mysterious man shows up to the bookstore and engages in a magical battle with the bookstore owner while Josh hides in the basement watching. We find out that the man, Dr. John Dee has actually come to steal “The Codex” from Nicholas. Eventually, he manages to steal the book, but Josh is able to rip out two pages out of the book without Dee noticing. We later learn that Nick Fleming is actually Nicholas Flamel, an immortal alchemist, and his that his wife, Perenelle Flamel is an extremely powerful sorceress who has been kidnapped by Dee and hidden on Alcatraz island (a place with lots of monsters and magic). Nicholas tells them that he has used the codex to keep him and his wife immortal, and that without it, they will perish in a month. We also learn that Sophie and Josh are spoken of in a prophecy which says they have the power to save the world, but that they will eventually turn against each other. The rest of the series basically shows how the twins manage to awaken their powers (which is not easy to do, and quite deadly…can’t get into too much spoilers!) and learn how to master them and use them to fight. The series incorporates many historical figures from history that aid them in their journey.

What i love the most about this series:

What i love most about this series is the constant feeling of being on the edge or your seat. I don’t think their was a single part throughout the entire series which made me bored. The series also masterfully manages to juggle a plethora of characters and give them all backstories, yet also manages to focus on its main characters. I think my favorite character is probably Perenelle Flamel, while she isn’t very involved at the beginning of the story, (and is rather just a topic for Nicholas to talk about) as the series progresses we see why  many of the antagonists are extremely afraid of her, even more so than Nicholas.

What i dislike about this series:

Honestly, i was quite disappointed with the ending. I don’t want to spoil it, but the ending was just kind of out of nowhere and pretty confusing. Overall, i think the rest of the series definitely makes up for that.

Word Count: 517


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