My favorite movie

Honestly, I’m such a movie fanatic that it’s borderline unhealthy. I go through phases where I have favorite movies one day, and the next day I have others. While I absolutely love all Marvel movies (including fox’s x-men universe), I felt that I would sit here typing away to no end. So, for today I think my favorite movie would be The Fall released in 2006.

I first watched this movie in art class in high school. Because I went to an IB school, we were basically done with our exams early- so as per tradition the class would have a two day potluck and movie day.

Movie Poster

At first I didn’t really like the movie, but after a while I was surprised at how much I was enjoying it. Basically, its about a little girl with a broken arm who is staying at a hospital and befriends an injured stunt double. He starts to tell her stories about 5 amazing heroes. The movie then starts to switch between a visualization of the story in the little girl’s mind where he is a narrator, and reality. While it may sound simple, there are many elements to this story that make it stand out above the rest. For one, the storytelling is interrupted time to time by her questions as she asks him what things mean because she’s foreign. Another aspect is that the movie is split into two plots, the real plot at the hospital, and the plot in his storytelling. Another thing that this movie was able to do was to balance each character perfectly, not only in the hospital, but the 5 heroes in his story as well- coupled with the amazing costumes used.


Without spoiling anything, the movie takes a big turn-which surprised me at first. There’s such a drastic tone change about midway through the story that makes the viewer angry, sad, confused, and scared all at once. I’ve never had a movie that’s made such an impact on me than this one. And, because it is tradition- we got to watch it again in senior year and I enjoyed it even more. I didn’t even think I could like a movie even more than I already did after watching it for a second time.

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