The start of my art journey

I’ve always been an artist, yet, I didn’t realize my passion for it until High School. At first, I joined because I thought it would be a fun class, but I came to learn how important it would actually be to me during Junior year.

My art class wasn’t a typical art class. Because I was in IB, we had a whole set of things to do that don’t normally happen in an art class; like creating an art exhibit (including making artists statements for each of our pieces) in the time span of just a week- at the same time as having to make around 30 journal pages (each also being a piece of art with basically an essay written on it)- each discussing our pieces and what inspired us…and then having to make a digital version only to go more in depth about our processes. There were so many more things that we also had to do- but that would take way too long to talk about.

I never used to see anything about a piece other than it being visually appealing to me, but after having to constantly write about my own pieces, about my classmates pieces, and drawing inspiration from well known artists, I came to see the level of complexity that art has. I learned how see more to a piece than just an image, but rather admiring every brush stroke and the texture it leaves behind, the choice of color, the composition, the emotion, and more.

In the class, we all had to choose an individual theme that would be a basis for our projects for the entire year. In my senior year, I chose to use the theme of the galaxy and space. I felt that this theme would give me a lot of flexibility in my pieces, while at the same time giving more to learn about.

Because we had to use different mediums for our pieces, I came to find that my favorite medium was watercolor. Yet, about a month later I tried acrylic for the first time. My first painting done in acrylic was simply a piece of a Galaxy owl. I chose to do this because owls symbolize wisdom, and because we know little about the galaxy itself- I felt that the choice of animal was fitting. I also wanted to narrow down the galaxy and space to something a little more simple- so I chose the moon. I did this because the moon is always around and watching us. This was the basis for my concept- a painting of an owl that represents the moon.

20161016_230310(My first acrylic painting)

Now that I think I’ve found a medium that i love and want to learn more about, I’ve been practicing in my free time. Because I’m not in an art class now I don’t want anything to go to waste, and I want to keep progressing as an artist so I can still feel in my element when I actually go into the field of Graphic Design.


Just for fun here’s my newest painting- more can be found out about it on my art page.


Word Count: 522


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