My Favorite Music

I don’t really have a favorite genre of music. I kind of just listen to what I think sounds good, except for country music. I can’t stand country music. I’m going to talk about two of my favorite music artists because I want to introduce one of them since the other is VERY well-known.

To start, I’m the person who doesn’t mind happy music. I’d be fine listening to it, jamming out to it, and everything else someone does when they listen to music–but sad music is where it’s at. People might find that a bit weird, but I don’t care. I love listening to music that has lot’s of emotion. While I love happy music, I feel that it’s very stale compared to another song where the musician pours their heart out.

So, if you couldn’t tell already….

The first place spot goes to Adele. She’s so true to herself, to others, and surprisingly enough, is very open about her life through her songs. If you know anything about Adele you’d know that she’s a very personal individual. She doesn’t like fame or people knowing about her business, yet, her songs all have very personal things in them. Aside from her godly voice, she’s just something I admire. I was lucky enough to be able to see her live just this past weekend, and let me just say I might have died a little. If you manage to find my Instagram you’d be able to see the 22 (not sure about this) videos that I deemed worthy enough for a post. In almost all of them you can hear me singing along very badly due to the fact that I was internally screaming and losing my voice at the same time.

The second place goes to a singer known as Seinabo Sey. She’s a Swedish/Gambian soul-electro- pop singer. The best way I can explain her music is just “different.” She’s very much like Adele in the sense that she’s very soulful, but the thing I love the most is her raw, deep, unique voice. Because she’s part Gambian, there are very unique beats and instruments hidden throughout her songs. There’s not much else I can say about her type of music because even throughout all of her songs, they each sound completely different and have different styles. Some are slow and eerie, while others are fast and a mixture of electro-pop and soul. The best way for you to understand is to just listen.

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