Romeo and Juliet Graphic Novel Review


We were tasked to read Romeo and Juliet adapted and illustrated by Gareth Hinds, and based on the play by William Shakespeare.

Romeo and Juliet Graphic Novel cover by Gareth Hinds

What I Disliked: I honestly just don’t really care much for the whole Romeo and Juliet story. I knew the basics of it but never really felt the urge to read it. Because of that, I found it pretty hard to understand. I spent a lot of my time going back to the “Dramatis Personae” to try and figure out characters, but I wasn’t able to.

 What I liked: My favorite part was that it was adapted into a graphic novel. I’m an artist so I really love visuals. Because of that, It made it much easier for me to read and helped me kind of understand certain parts that I wouldn’t have understood otherwise. The art style was also very charming. I loved that it was simple and cartoony, but in a way that was also appealing to adults.  I also really liked that the author decided to change the story up a bit and make the characters multiracial as a way to reflect how this story is universal. My favorite aspect of the art design is how the author redesigned these characters, and how he was able to portray fight scenes. My favorite example of this was when Tybalt started fighting everyone an Romeo slayed him.

Overall the graphic novel wasn’t my favorite, but it was an interesting experience. What did it for me was the visuals which helped me understand what was happening. If it was just a script of the play I wouldn’t have understood any of it.

After reading the Author’s note I gained a lot of respect for the author. I love that he chose to change up the settings and visuals a little bit based on what he thought worked and didn’t. I also commend him for researching many different features and mixing them up to make his own little universe for the story to take place in. He did this, while still managing for the text to fit in perfectly without having to change it up.

Word Count: 366


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