Farewell for now

I originally made this blog as a way to post assignments for my college composition class. While I don’t plan on posting as often as i have been, i’m not going to delete it. After spending countless hours trying to make it look as appealing as possible, and writing about things i love, i found that i actually really like doing this. I also stated in the beginning that i would also be using this to showcase my journey as an artist, and i stand by my word.

While my posts may irregular, i’ll try and remember to post more of my art and whatever else i feel fit. I’d just like to thank anybody who actually takes the time to read my posts. I may not know you, but it mean’s a lot to me that you’re interested in what i have to say, who i am, and the art that i create and showcase on this page.

Now that it’s getting close to winter break, i’m probably going to end up painting a ton since i get bored super easily. I’ve already started on at least two new pieces, but balancing school, a social life, and work…along with Netflix time doesn’t make it easy to finish a painting. Since i might not finish soon, and the paintings are in very early stages and subject to changes, i thought i’d be cool to explain the concepts (to see the finished work you’ll have to come back in a month or two!).

First off, my first painting is essentially a way for me to study painting oriental features. The painting is of an Asian woman who will have some sort of Yin/Yang/Koi fish theme to her. I was thinking about making her a mermaid-esk.

The second piece that i’m currently working on is still very early on. I honestly just started painting another woman as a way to practice…but i’ve had an idea in my head that i might end up doing. So far the plan is to make her medusa….but my plan could change in the next 10 minutes.

Bye for now 😦

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