This page showcases some of my artwork.


A quick practice sketch using Prismacolor colored pencils.


A simple way to explain this piece is that it represents that the galaxy watches over us, just like owls do.

20160917_184325 (2).jpg

A new piece i did to practice some more. The picture isn’t the best, but it’ll do for now. Its a clear night sky with a darkened landscape.


This is one of the other practice acrylic paintings that i did.


This is actually a remake of a piece that i made in high school. I wanted to see how far I’d progressed as an artist. The comparison can be seen on my Instagram page. (Link is at bottom left of page)


Decay- is a statement against the treatment of nature by humans. It depicts mother nature with a skeleton mask gazing into the light. This symbolizes that while we are damaging nature, it’s not too late to fix our mistakes.